The first two flours produced at the Farm with 2014 harvest are now available. 

These are very special products for several reasons:

  • Both flours are obtained by cultivating the two ancient grains “Senatore Cappelli” (durum wheat) and “Gentil Rosso” (soft wheat).
  • Unlike modern grains, ancient grains have not undergone any induced mutagenesis through gamma rays of radioactive cobalt. They also have low levels of gluten which make them easy to digest.
  • Both grains are cultivated between 700 and 800 m.a.s.l. on uncontaminated fields that had not been cultivated in the previous 10 years. Also, the fields border the woods, creating a natural continuum with wild nature.
  • The fields have never been fertilized or undergone any kind of treatment.
    E’’ grano naturale (biologico è riduttivo); Both grains are simply “natural” (organic is rather reductive).
  • Both grains are stone ground in the local mill “Pransani” which has been family-run for 3 generations now and it only mills ancient and organic grains. Mr. Pransani is recognised to be one of the main experts on ancient grains and he is obsessive in the way he aims to get the maximum quality from his flours.
  • Nelle farine è presente il germe di grano, la parte più nobile del chicco, che normalmente viene separata per essere venduta all’industria cosmetica che paga di più. The flours contain the germ, the noblest part of the grain that in industrial production is usually separated to be sold to cosmetic industry which pays a lot of money for it.
  • Both flours are simply delicious!


You can purchase both flours on or in our store in Cesena.

“When we sow an ancient grain we think of the future…”