Snow is incredible. It changes everything. It hides trails, it changes slopes, it makes any familiar place look different and it does all of this with extreme beauty. If you want to go hiking in the snow, it is strongly recommended to have a good sense of direction and carry with you a map and a compass because everything looks different when it is covered with show! 


Most of the Northern part of the Apennines is made of a marl-sandstone formation, which is characterized by visible layers of rocks where the vegetation is lacking.
While sandstone can form very resistant slabs, marl is very friable and this makes it unsuitable for climbing activities.
However, thanks to ancient geological movements (around 20 million years ago), some limestone rocks have arrived to this region too. Now they are all lined-up: Mount Fumaiolo, Balze di Verghereto, San Marino, Sasso Simone and Simoncello, San Leo, Perticara, Scorticata, etc.


Did you reach the Farm by Mountain Bike? Well, congratulations!!
If, instead, you arrived by another mean of transport, but your MB is with you, congratulations anyway because this means that for sure you have good intentions!
In both cases you only have to enjoy your Welcome Drink and soon discover thousands of trails you can run with your MB!


One thing I like to do most when I am staying at the Farm is…catching the stars!!
No, I’m not gone crazy, but in the city where I live I can never do that because there is too much lighting and even the air we breath is “polluted” by stress feelings.
At the Farm in the evening, after my daily works are finished and if it’s not too cold, I go outside, find a place on the garden and lie to see the sky. There’s no need of sunglasses or sun creams, there’s no sound of waves, but instead I can listen to a concert of frogs, birds, cicadas, wind rustling through trees and I let you imagine how many other sounds come from the woods.