For La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza these are years of construction, experimentation and research in order to turn a project into reality.
As for all projects, the initial phase is the one that requires more energies, time, work, money and organisational skills.

If you want to make available your profession, time, work, skills or economic resources, please contact us at

Otherwise, if you would like to experience rural daily life at our farm for minimum 1 month, you can volunteer by joining WWOOF Italia
Anyhow, it is necessary to contact us at in order to arrange your stay.

Which time of the year is good for wwoofing? 
The months in which we need more help are from March to October, although it depends a lot on the season and the projects in place.
The main activities involve taking care of the vegetable gardens, greenhouse, aromatic herbs, orchard and helping in the agritourism. In particular: hand-weeding, sowing, transplanting, harvesting, watering, working the soil, pruning, building dry walls, paths, irrigation systems, housekeeping, kitchen hand, etc.