A world in ferment

Every birth of a free human being reminds us that a world other than the one wanted by the strong powers is still possible

How was 2020? To this question I often receive the answer ‘s**t’, but not infrequently also the following: ‘I’m a bit ashamed to say, it was a great year for me’.
We all agree that it was a year of great turmoil, which turned our lives upside down.To find such radical changes in humanity’s way of life in history we have to go back at least seventy years, to the Second World War. We have all lost an enormous amount of certainty, which in reality, if we think about it, never existed.
Those who have profited enormously from this global health crisis have always been the ones: the big Silicon Valley corporations and the richest people in the world who have further increased their wealth. Even among ordinary people, some have fortunately found themselves reaping unforeseen benefits from this situation or, quite simply, in this nefarious year
some have had a gift from life, such as the birth of a child, which has erased all the negativity.
Many have made positive changes in their lives, such as reconnecting with nature and a less contrived world, self-producing their own food, educating their children more appropriately, taking care of their bodies, getting together with friends and acquaintances in an intentional community. Others proactively reinvented themselves by seizing the opportunities that each crisis opens up in economic, political, social and intellectual terms.
Unfortunately, most people, as spectators, have been caught in the trap of terror and fear, waiting to be rescued.

The yurts of Autosufficienza

When the Autosufficienza project was born in 2009, the place had not been inhabited for fifty years and the land had not been cultivated for twenty years.
There was no usable covered space. In 2010, in order to have a minimum base of support, we built a compost toilet (dry toilet) and ordered a yurt directly from Mongolia through Silent Breeze (a company that is no longer operational).
The yurt is the typical dwelling of the Mongolians but also of other neighbouring countries that are nomads by nature and usually move every 6 months. It is an easily assembled and disassembled structure comparable to a tent but with the advantage of having excellent insulation, which is traditionally made of felt (sheep, goat, camel, yak, etc.).

Can I go living in a Tiny House even in Italy?

Many people dream of being able to live in a Tiny House in the middle of nature and choose a sustainable and essential lifestyle. At Autosufficienza you have the opportunity to make your dream come true, at least for a few days, but above all, to experience this new concept of life first hand.
Since 2021 a pitch of our agricamping will host a beautiful wooden house on wheels, approved for the road just like a caravan and equipped with all comforts.
To find out more about our Tiny House click here.

We, outposts of biodiversity

From safeguarding seeds to safeguarding humans, knowledge and ideas: the mission of Autosufficienza

For 300,000 years, human beings have evolved on Earth in self-sufficiency from what nature had to offer, fitting into the natural cycles and ecological balance of the Earth. Men and women were able to build their own shelters from what nature had to offer in their surroundings, to obtain and self-produce the food they needed, to warm themselves with fire, to treat themselves with medicinal herbs, to survive major epidemics and catastrophes.