A relaxation area for farmhouse guests, with the possibility of cooling off on hot days

Our bio-pool, inaugurated in 2022, is a pool of fresh water, built on 3 levels, using a delicate natural purification and oxygenation system carried out by bacteria, plants, gravel and swirls of moving water. An original relaxation area, available to guests in the rooms and studios, for reading a book, meditating, sunbathing or cooling off on hot days.

There are three pools, connected by three waterfalls and a small natural stream. The water lily pool next to the octagonal temple reflects the light on the structure and houses beautiful flowers. The second pool houses mainly oxygenating plants to purify the water. Next comes the stream and then the bathing larch wood pool surrounded by wooden platforms and comfortable loungers where you can relax freely during your stay on the farm.


The bio-pool is an artificial bathing pool which, like every corner of the Self-sufficiency Centre, has been designed to blend in with its surroundings and minimise its ecological impact.
After experimenting for years with phyto-purification for the centre’s black and grey water, we chose to use the same principle to purify the pool water as well.

Our bio-pool is truly ecological compared to a traditional pool because

  • No reinforced concrete was used for its construction
  • It does not produce waste water with chemicals harmful to humans and the environment (no chlorine, salts, etc.). Purification is carried out exclusively naturally by bacteria, gravel and plants
  • It works in a closed circuit. Water through a pump powered by photovoltaic panels circulates in the 3 tanks.
  • Water requirements are limited to topping up to balance the level dropped due to evaporation
  • Promotes biodiversity and the enrichment of living space for native flora and fauna
  • No cover is required during the cold season