Città della Luce is not a real city, or rather it is not only this, but much more.

Everything started in the 1990s when a group of young men decided to dedicate their lives to the study and practice of Reiki. They joined forces, established a community and began to organize courses and events related to holistic disciplines in Genoa. Driven by the need to expand their spaces and to be surrounded by greenery, these people moved to Turbigo, near Novara, and then finally to the inland of the Marches, in a place full of peace and land to cultivate.

They wanted to experiment and create a new way of living and working, of being together in respect, with mutual support and trust. They wanted to cooperate in a dimension in which there is time and space to take care of ourselves and relationships, time for the partner and for the children, for studying, for personal growth and for professional self-realization.

The philosophical models from which they take inspiration are the “Civitas Dei” by Sant’Agostino and “The City of the Sun” by Tommaso Campanella, but also the “Republic” by Plato and “Utopia” by Tommaso Moro. However, it’s Reiki above all that is considered a source of energy and inspiration, with its concept of growth, universal love, inner work of healing and conflict resolution.
So, in 1999 the cultural association “Centro Internazionale Reiki” was born. People started to join the Association and today hundreds of people keep on going to Città della Luce for attending courses on personal growth. Both a computer science school and a ceramic art laboratory were established. Even a restaurant was opened. Courses on Ayurveda and Yoga, cutting and sewing and Natural Cosmetics are held every year and there’s always new people joining the community.

In 2006 the Cultural and Social Promotion Association “La Città della Luce” was established.

Over the years the community has grown: currently there are twenty-five resident members, from two to 85 years old, a dozen boys and girls who collaborate, study and attend the activities promoted by the Association, along with hundreds of people from all over Italy who attend the Holistic School for Operators and Counselors and other courses.

The actual members of the Community live all together: grandparents, parents, children, daughters and friends, they share time, properties, talents and emotions, as well as the same house. They grow together every day and with them the project of Città della Luce: a new model of society founded on love and awareness, that can create good relationships and a lifestyle where resources are used in a respectful way both for the environment and all living beings.

All members of the community are invited to carry on the study of Reiki, systemic theory, Chakras, psychosomatics, Yoga, Ayurvedic philosophy and conscious nutrition. The relationship between community members is at the top of their scale of values.
Every decision is taken through the Consensus method, with honesty and free expression of inner feelings, in order to reach an agreement based on respect and the common good.

In order to reach self-sufficiency, La Città della Luce has developed a variety of sustainable practices including:

  • the cultivation of 3 hectares of land according to the principles of synergistic and biodynamic agriculture
  • the use of ancient local grains
  • the use of spontaneous fruit plants and berries in the woods around the house to prepare jams
  • medicinal herbs used for the preparation of natural cosmetic products and herbal teas
  • 400 olive trees that produce organic oil used both in the kitchen and in the preparation of cosmetics
  • 12 hives for the production of a healthy honey rich in authentic nutritional principles

Città della Luce has a wide program of courses and events to which it is possible to participate.

For more info, please visit the website.