Natural, ecological, sustainable

Autosufficienza was created to take care of the earth, people and the future. Natural lifestyle, food and energy self-sufficiency, well-being of body, mind and spirit are themes that have been part of our family’s everyday life for over 50 years.
In this place we have succeeded in bringing about the change we would like to see in the world, from dilapidated and polluting structures, abandoned fields close to reforestation, to a paradise where human and nature come together.
Today, Agriturismo Autosufficienza is the most environmentally friendly accommodation business in Italy, and every year we try to take a step further to improve.


The structures that make up the Agriturismo Autosufficienza have all been built to the highest standards of green building and energy saving.
From the renovated farmhouse made of local stone insulated with lime and hemp and wood fibre, to the latest buildings made of wood and straw. The plasters are all natural, made of raw earth, earthenware, lime and hemp.
Cement, plastic, iron and paint have been avoided during all construction.


The farmhouse is equipped with 18 kw of photovoltaics, 66 kw of batteries and 3 inverters of 10 kw each, capable of prioritising the consumption of the energy produced by the panels, then the energy stored in the batteries and only finally from the national grid.
The energy that is purchased is certified 100% from renewable sources.
All the lighting in the facility is made with low-consumption LED bulbs.
The facility is equipped with a charging station for electric cars.



The structures insulated with straw, hemp-lime and wood fibre require no cooling in summer and only a little heat in winter. Everything is heated with self-produced wood from our forests, which have ample room to regenerate, covering an area of over 60 ha.
The heating systems are super-efficient, from microcapillary wall heaters to thermal mass heaters.
Hot water in summer, when the wood boiler is turned off, is produced with solar panels.


The furniture has been made in our in-house carpentry shop or by a local craftsman, using natural, in many cases reclaimed wood.
The wooden floors are treated with natural oil, without the use of varnish, and all fixtures are made of wood.
The mattresses in the rooms are made of natural latex, the pillows of organic cotton, the duvets of organic camel hair or organic cotton, the bed frames are iron-free.



The food and drinks we serve are 100% organic and in most cases self-produced or locally produced.
We self-produce organic vegetables, berries, fruit, ancient grains, pulses, seeds, honey, eggs, herbs and more.
There is a single menu that changes daily and allows us to offer what is fresh and in season, avoiding the waste that characterises most restaurants.
The cuisine is exclusively vegetarian with vegan variations on request.
We have no microwave ovens and the kitchen battery is designed so that it does not release heavy metals, as is the espresso machine.
The owners and staff also eat organic and quality food.
Water is offered free of charge and comes directly from our springs. There are no plastic bottles available for purchase. All the drinks we offer are contained and stored in glass.



All the water we use, whether for drinking, sanitary purposes, irrigation, etc., comes from our springs or from rainwater harvesting from cisterns and water basins.
The bio-pool is in fresh water, without chlorine and other substances harmful to humans and the environment.
The structure’s black water ends up in a phyto-purification basin that returns 99% purified water, completely odourless and colourless, which after passing through a further basin is used to irrigate plants and vineyards.
The application of permaculture is evident in the work of terracing, catchment lakes, swales (level ditches) and agricultural techniques aimed at water management.
Learn more about our water management here


For cleaning rooms, dishes and more we use certified ecological products.
Shower cream, shampoo and conditioner are on refillable dispensers to avoid single-use and produced by an organic company just a few kilometres away. The soap, which is also ecological, is wrapped in paper to avoid plastic.



Napkins, toilet paper, placemats, printer paper are produced with recycled and certified paper and are compostable or recyclable.



Waste is managed with separate waste collection, wet waste is recycled directly on the farm as food for hens or preparation of compost.
Electromagnetic pollution is limited due to the fact that there are no iron cages in the facilities. The wi-fi is switched off automatically during the night.



The entire farm is managed with respect for the environment and biodiversity by adopting design and cultural techniques that go well beyond organic standards and embracing permaculture ethics: caring for the earth, caring for the future, sharing surpluses.


We promote dozens of events and activities on human and environmental well-being every year.



Francesco the caretaker and creator was born at home instead of in a hospital, breastfed and has been eating organically since weaning. Unvaccinated, never used drugs, never been to a doctor, he also defines himself as organic. Together with Giulia, a naturopath and herbal enthusiast, he has a son, also born at home, not vaccinated, never medicated, who spends most of his time outdoors, even in the rain.
Francesco’s parents, also founders of Macro Edizioni and Macrolibrarsi, have been living and promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle for fifty years. The entire project was financed thanks to the profits of Macrolibrarsi, an ethical company that, among other things, realises the budget for the economy of the common good.



Many co-workers have settled on the site of a small community where many children are being born. The goal is to create a welcoming, comfortable and living place for the next seven generations.


Where we can still improve

We currently use an external laundry. We would like to internalise the washing to make it even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We currently lack the physical space to do this.

Integrate photovoltaics with hydroelectricity to become totally self-sufficient.

Sustainability Report
We will soon become a benefit company and take stock of the economy of the common good.


We are convinced that our projects, our philosophy of life and the change of this place are making an important positive contribution to mankind and the environment, and that is exactly what you will do by choosing our facility for your stay. Francesco Rosso