The patron saint of Wales, St David, had an enormous respect for nature: the earth was the main source of food for his simple and healthy diet, and he taught his followers the importance of living in harmony with the environment that surrounded them.
In more modern times Gerard Morgan-Grenville founded the Center for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Machyllneth, Mid Wales, which over the years has become the central point of the Welsh environmental movement.

Established in 1974 to experiment with alternative energies, the centre has acquired a considerable role and today is an esteemed ecological laboratory and a precise source of inspiration and information. It receives tens of thousands of visitors each year, who come to learn about their beautiful work.
The Centre is constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies. New and interesting projects and ideas are born every day and it continues to search for new approaches to environmental challenges through the “Zero Carbon Britain” project.

Recently, it created the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education: an important centre dedicated to environmental education whose activity increases the already rich program of courses and lessons.

What can you see at CAT?

  • the widest range of renewable energy systems installed anywhere,
  • examples of construction of environmentally friendly buildings,
  • energy production from renewable sources,
  • sustainable practices for the household,
  • ecological sanitation,
  • organic farming,
  • sustainable forest management,
  • composting and proper waste management.

CAT is a unique and valuable practical demonstration centre, a living laboratory with a wide range of examples of sustainable solutions.

Moreover, the centre is located right next to the Snowdonia National Park, famous for its breath-taking landscapes.

CAT also operates a free information service that answers questions on a variety of topics by phone, letter or email, five days a week. For larger projects, there is also a consultancy service. The Centre for Alternative Technology also publishes books on various environmental topics.

For further information consult the website