One thing I like to do most when I am staying at the Farm is…catching the stars!!
No, I’m not gone crazy, but in the city where I live I can never do that because there is too much lighting and even the air we breath is “polluted” by stress feelings.
At the Farm in the evening, after my daily works are finished and if it’s not too cold, I go outside, find a place on the garden and lie to see the sky. There’s no need of sunglasses or sun creams, there’s no sound of waves, but instead I can listen to a concert of frogs, birds, cicadas, wind rustling through trees and I let you imagine how many other sounds come from the woods.

I am not able to identify all constellations except for the most famous ones, but I like to lose myself in that terribly bright dark, let the mind go with the flow and forget all the rest.
I am not aware of any specific positive effect – someone has probably written something about it – but I know for sure that this is the most beautiful meditation I have ever experienced.
Sometimes things we give for granted don’t have a great appeal, but I am sure that if stars were visible only from one remote place on Earth everyone would be going there just to admire them. So my suggestion is: don’t be shy and enjoy one of few things we haven’t ruined yet…go catching the stars!!