Entering barefoot in the farmhouse it will be possible to see the lime-hemp and raw earth plasters, the large flame-shaped stube (stove), the microcapillary wall system, the furniture made of natural wood and, in general, a class A building built with only natural materials.

After leaving the farmhouse, we will pass by the oven made of raw earth and then climb up to the Food Forest and the terraces cultivated with aromatic herbs. We will show you the swales and the water system of the Farm. From the top of the hill we will be able to have a good view on the fields cultivated with ancient grains, as well as cherry trees and many other varieties of fruit trees. Climbing down the hill we will go past the beehives and the henhouse for happy hens.
After, we will head towards the polyculture on terraces where vines, herbs, berries, fruit trees and vegetables are grown together.
We will walk around the lake discovering its countless beneficial effects and have the chance to get to know the market garden and how the constructed wetland works.

Finally we will head towards the camping and the octagonal temple passing between dry-stone walls and the synergistic vegetable garden. At the end of the visit, it will be possible to buy farm products and books on the topic of self-sufficiency in our shop.

Visit days and hours 

La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza can be visited from May to October by individuals, families and groups.
The visit lasts about 1 hour and a half along a medium-difficulty route and can be combined with a lunch at the farm’s organic restaurant.

• Every Saturday and Sunday from May to October at 3.30 pm only upon reservation (weather conditions permitting)
• From May to October every day on request and upon reservation for groups of minimum 8 people

The cost is 10 euros per person and it’s free for children under 16.

Rules to be respected during the visit

At La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza every activity that could harm or damage vegetation or animals of the farm is strictly forbidden. Picking flowers, plants or fruits, walking outside the trails, climbing on trees or engaging in any other dangerous activity is not allowed.

During the visit it will also be possible to run into dogs, cats, peacocks, chickens and turkeys, so it is essential that the dogs you bring with you are on a leash.

• During the visit it’s allowed to take pictures and make videos
• Kids are welcome, but only if accompanied by an adult person. In any case, please remember that this visit is thought to be addressed to adults.
• It’s advisable to wear hiking boots or sneakers
• If you are interested in having lunch at the restaurant it’s necessary to make a reservation.

For further information, please go to contacts.