From safeguarding seeds to safeguarding humans, knowledge and ideas: the mission of Autosufficienza

For 300,000 years, human beings have evolved on Earth in self-sufficiency from what nature had to offer, fitting into the natural cycles and ecological balance of the Earth. Men and women were able to build their own shelters from what nature had to offer in their surroundings, to obtain and self-produce the food they needed, to warm themselves with fire, to treat themselves with medicinal herbs, to survive major epidemics and catastrophes.

It has certainly not been an idyllic evolution, but thanks to the resilience that characterises our species and thanks to our internal resources, we have arrived at our ability to adapt to changes and to overcome even the greatest crises and epidemics.

Homo artificialis

In the West we have unlearned everything in a few decades, becoming more and more subservient to a small group of multinationals and oligarchs and less and less fit to survive on planet Earth.

We are increasingly weak, dependent on a handful of corporations for seeds, for fertilisers, for food, for energy, for heat, for water, for health, for entertainment, for communicating with each other and increasingly for all the big and small choices we make every day. Often it is a sat nav that chooses for us whether to turn left or right, an algorithm that chooses the best hotel or restaurant for our tastes. Soon, algorithms will know us better than we know ourselves and will be able to choose what to buy, who to marry, what job to do for us. 

The evolution of artificial intelligence, robotics, microchips and human-machine integration are propelling us into a new world, completely dependent on those who control the artificial world.

Western man is becoming more and more like a GMO plant. We are finding it increasingly difficult to reproduce naturally, we are unable to survive without more or less invasive health treatments, we are polluting more and more, we need more and more water, more and more energy, and we are completely disconnected from natural biological cycles.


Twelve years ago, I chose to take a different direction from the one mapped out by the big multinationals. Certainly a much more tortuous path, much more uphill, but one that guarantees an unparalleled view.

A place that had been uninhabited for fifty years and no longer cultivated for twenty years because it was of little interest to the economy and finance, in just over ten years has been transformed into an Eden with green building structures, terraced gardens, foodforest, vineyard, fruit trees, berries, herbs, chickens, sheep, bees, water basins and spaces of beauty and biodiversity.

Autosufficienza – initially conceived as a farm and resilience project for my family – has evolved into a centre of welcome, training, inspiration: a constant laboratory for the creation of a new world based on the common good, on the good of the next seven generations and on the beauty and coherence of natural biodiversity.

Two societies compared

The lifestyle and coherence we promote allow us to make very practical comparisons with the society around us:

  • In the last two years, no one at Autosufficienza has worn a mask, used hand gel, had a vaccination or taken a swab;
  • contrary to the regulations imposed by big pharma, we have continued to live humanely, to hug, dance, sing, meet in front of the fire regardless of the crazy traffic restrictions imposed on the population;
  • we worked on the health and resilience of the immune system instead of sterility and fighting viruses.

The result has been exceptional, compared to the society driven by chemical and multinational interests. At Autosuffcienza, we are all healthy, and by that we do not mean simply the absence of symptoms but physical, mental and social well-being.

A new world is possible

Two children have already been born at Autosufficienza in 2021. One is my son, the other belongs to a family that has chosen to live in the same context for just over a year.

Giulia and Beatrice lived their pregnancy in great serenity without having tests, visits or other activities typical of sick people. They have been outdoors, they have walked in the woods, they have fully experienced one of the most beautiful periods of their lives.

The children were born at home, without health assistance. The birth was very quick, a physiological act that has nothing to do with the typical places of illness. Breast-fed, with no need for paediatricians, vaccines or other chemical-pharmaceutical industry devilry, the children are growing up healthy in contact with the earth, with animals and with other free children.

They will learn from the school of nature, observe adults in typical human tasks such as making food, working with wood, building, but also relating around the fire, hugging and celebrating nature, its gifts and its incredible abundance.

And then they will go their own way in freedom ready to live on this planet and also to build the best for the next seven generations.

Written by Francesco Rosso.
This article appeared in the magazine Vivi Consapevole 67 (dicembre/febbraio 2022).