Let’s become the solutions to our problems!

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor. – HENRY DAVID THOREAU

My personality and the education I received as a child have forged in me a belief that hardly anyone or anything will ever take away from me: our lives are the result of our actions and our actions are the result of our thoughts. Surely the things that happens to us constantly interfere with our thoughts and actions, but in the end we are the ones who create our own reality.
These concepts are quite intuitive and yet every day I meet people who are dissatisfied with their lives and who spend time complaining and giving responsibility for their suffering to others. Being fully aware that we are here because of the choices we made yesterday is the fundamental step for being able to change.

The failure of capitalism: even more gap between rich and poor

Pollution, poverty, diseases, depression, crimes, degradation… We all know that our way of living is unsustainable and that important choices are not made for the common good.
Many are waiting for something to happen or for someone to take care of them. Many still believe that politics will do something to improve their lives, not realizing that this has never happened and that important choices about economy, health and the environment are made by large multinationals and not by politicians. Speaking of economy, in recent years capitalism has shown its failure to redistribute resources.

The economic crisis has further increased the gap between rich and poor people and the Silicon Valley giants have managed to reach market monopoly, thus missing the principle of competition praised by the free market.
Many natural biological cycles that allow our life and that of many other species have been endangered and are close to collapse due to governments’ choices led by large pharmaceutical and petrochemical multinationals.

Our whole society is based on fossil fuels that we know will run out in the next few years and we still don’t have a plan B.

The environmental, economic and energy crises will inevitably lead to a water and food crisis. It is necessary that as people, without distinction of sex, political or religious ideas, we take the initiative proactively, becoming ourselves the solution of the problems, rather than being part of them. We must do whatever is necessary to reach this goal. In the next 5 years, Romagna and its inhabitants could become an example of wellbeing on an economic, social and environmental level.

Do not give energy to greed

All the crises we are experiencing today are caused by the greed of large financial and economic multinational groups that today have control over our lives. The only way we can change direction is to stop feeding these corporations. The best way to undermine the current system is to stop buying. Being self-reliant is definitely the best thing we can do for ourselves and for the planet.

Choose how to spend your time and change the world!

  • We could use the average time we spend on social networks or watching TV series for cultivating a vegetable garden that offers us healthy food, physical exercise and therefore health.
  • We can self-produce cosmetics and detergents and maybe even build our own house out of local straw bales.
  • If we cannot self-produce, then we should buy from small local businesses possibly headed by ethical entrepreneurs, or we can found ourselves alternative activities that have the common good as their purpose.
  • When we go on vacation, we should make sure to value to the territory we visit instead of destroying it, we should prefer to move on foot, by bike or by public transports. We should try to live in a house made with natural and possibly local materials. Let’s take care of our health by not delegating it to doctors employed by pharmaceutical companies. Health is the most precious asset we have, so first of all we must inform ourselves on how our body works and what is the right way to take care of it.
  • Let’s engage in outdoor activities more often and do something useful for ourselves and for other people.
  • Let’s make our life a masterpiece.
  • Nobody will remember us for the hours spent on social medias or watching Netflix.


Written by: Francesco Angelo Rosso