Mount Fumaiolo is the highest mountain of the Apennines under the jurisdiction of Forlì-Cesena province. 
The mountain is located among 3 different regions: Romagna, Marche and Tuscany, but it’s easy to reach from the Farm.
Close to it there are Mount Aquilone and Mount Comero.

This massif was born out of the sea, but it doesn’t have a local origin, it’s an allochthon which has been moved from its original site of formation and then pushed into the current position.
Indeed it’s an ancient cliff of limestone mixed with sandstone and thanks to this feature many springs originate from Mount Fumaiolo.

Speaking of, this mountain is the spring of 3 different rivers: the Tiber “Here is born the river sacred to the destinies of Rome”, Marecchia, a river that flows throughout Rimini’s terrotory and Savio (at 1,126 m.a.s.l.), a very important water resource for our region.
The Tiber rises in Mount Fumaiolo at 1,268 m.a.s.l., in the middle of a wood of beeches and if flows 406 km through Umbria and Lazio, where it is joined By the Aniene river, to the Tyrrenian sea.
Thanks to the abundance of streams, the vegetation is luxuriant, mainly oaks, beeches, chestnut trees, firs and a few centuries-old trees. The animals that populate the area are: wolf, boar, roe deer, deer, and some birds of prey such as the golden eagle.
Mount Fumaiolo is famous for its majestic beech woods that can be observed through beautiful trails both for hiking and mountain bikes.
The view from its top is wide and breath-taking. In winter, if the air is clean, it is possible to see the white summits of the Dolomites with naked eyes and the curve of the East coast till Venice.
The whole area is subjected to environmental restrictions.
Ski lifts and ski slopes for cross-country and downhill skiing are open in winter. The ski resort is equipped for snow-boarding, spine, tubing and snowshoeing. Other ski resort rent ski equipment and mountain bikes.
Finally, also climbers can experience few interesting cliffs at Mount Fumaiolo such as “Rupe della Moia” and the cliffs near the village of Balze.

Foto dell’amico Ettore Roverelli.