Located in the valley floor, along the river Savio and the European Road E/45, San Piero in Bagno is part of the municipality of Bagno di Romagna, a small town with construction, forestry, metallurgical and clothing activities, along with services, restaurants, hotels and facilities for leisure and sport.
Built in the thirteenth century as “market” for the castle of Corzano, the town developed especially under the long domination of the Republic of Florence and even today the Wednesday market is still a place for meeting, exchanging and chatting for all the inhabitants of the area and the surrounding valleys.

Between the nineteenth and twentieth century, the town was given an elegant look by the eclectic work of the Florentine architect Cesare Spighi, who designed and built the parish church, the school building, the monumental cemetery, the Rivalta Paganelli palace and the city hall by using stones and bricks.
The well-preserved historic centre can be reached by an easy walk that also allows you to appreciate the two eighteenth-century bridges on the rivers Savio and Rio, along with the wide square where the weekly market takes place, enclosed by elegant sixteenth-eighteenth century buildings that continue along the streets.

Just from the centre of the square you can take the uphill road surrounded by fields and woods that leads directly to La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza (around 3 Km).
While in the south-east direction you can take the characteristic cycle-pedestrian path that leads to Bagno di Romagna.
You cannot leave these places without tasting the typical and exquisite food of the territory, such as “tortello alla lastra” and “raviggiolo”, the famous fresh cheese prepared and offered on fern leaves that boast a tradition of over 500 years.