Human beings, like the earth, need balance and biodiversity to live fully and achieve the best of themselves

Most of the life forms on Earth are experiencing a phase of constant weakening and, among these, human being is certainly the one who is suffering the most, even if we are not often aware of it. People who live in Western countries are constantly and chronically ill, both physically and mentally, but most of time they don’t realize it. Medicines developed by drug multinationals relieve symptoms, reduce pain and keep sick people alive for a long time. The prestige of modern medicine is often based on the statistics of reduction of mortality and diseases after the industrialization of a country, but these numbers are mainly due to the increase of quality of life and diet and the adoption of elementary measures of hygiene. Sewage systems, clean and sanitized water, having 3 meals a day and washing dishes have had a much greater influence on improving health and life expectancy than the complex methods of specialist care.

From the earth to man, from agriculture to medicine

Thanks to scientific medicine, Western population has learned to feel sick and to seek treatment in accordance with what is in vogue in the medical environment. As with agriculture and intensive livestock farming, preventive treatment is provided for artificial humans too, through hospitalised childbirth, milk replacer and vaccinations. Following the preventive treatments, we move on to feeding with poor quality and industrially produced food and finally we intervene on the proliferation of pathogens thanks to antibiotics. Nature, however, always tries to bring the environment back to balance, so at the first signs we intervene with powerful drugs that destroy any form of life.

The modern scientific system is the same one, no matters if we talk about plants, animals, or human beings. Natural balance is constantly shattered and as a result it forces us to use more and more chemistry, both in agriculture and the medical field, in a vicious and diabolical circle.

Many people don’t even ask themselves why they have a certain disease: surely the doctor will have the right pill that makes the discomfort disappear. Illnesses, however, are messages, like the warning lights that turn on in a car. We can turn them off with a pill or by covering the light with a band-aid, but we wouldn’t certainly solve the problem, which will soon reappear in a more serious way, until all the lights turn on and we are probably no longer able to travel.

Thanks to the foresight of my parents – who made me born at home, fed me with breast milk and organic food, without vaccines and drugs – today I am self-sufficient in terms of health.

We should learn not to delegate

The most important choices that affect our life and our health are constantly delegated to corporations, whose sole purpose is to increase their profits. A healthy and self-sufficient man does not consume. A dead man does not consume. A chronically ill man is a shower of money, a loyal consumer. Health has thus become an increasingly expensive commodity. We can continue to delegate our health to large international economic groups and therefore be increasingly sick and more artificial, or we can choose to be the creators of our life and our world by being self-sufficient.

This is one of the main reasons that led me to found “La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza” in 2009. Thanks to the foresight of my parents – who made me born at home, fed me with breast milk and organic food, without vaccines and drugs – today I am self-sufficient in terms of health. Every now and then I happen to catch the flu, a headache or some slight ailment and my first reaction is to ask myself, “why?” Did I eat or drink anything I shouldn’t have? Am I too stressed or is there a thought I can’t get rid of?

Usually the answer does not come too late and in 90% of cases the treatment I self-prescribe is rest. It usually takes my body a night to recover from a flu or a headache. The next morning it happens that I am still a little weak, but overall I am fine and so far I have never had to take drugs or vaccines or consult doctors. My mind knows very well that it will not receive any help from outside, so it sets in motion incredible self-healing mechanisms.

Clearly, if for example the headache is due to work stress, as soon as I return to being stressed the headache will also get back, but using no external help to alleviate the symptoms the only chance I have left to solve the problem is to rest. In this way the situation cannot get worse and I cannot pretend nothing has happened when faced with a situation that is not good for me.

If your garden constantly needs to be treated, it means that there is a problem and you cannot pretend not to see it.

Cultivate your biodiversity to always be healthy

The same thing happens with the plants, crops and animals of La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza. If a type of insect starts to destroy our salads, our problem is not to find the product that can kill that insect, but to understand why that insect has spread so much. Maybe it has no antagonists? Are the plants weak? And why? Perhaps the soil is not the right one, or it is not fertile enough. Is there enough biodiversity?

Today, many farmers, including organic ones, have installed in their brains the same program as pharmaceutical companies. For each symptom there is the right product to eliminate it, so their fields and crops are constantly sick and in need of some sort of treatments. To be healthy we don’t need modern medicine, which sometimes is the leading cause of illness. Stay away from doctors and drugs – unless you have a serious illness – and train your body to be self-sufficient.

Sometimes you could help your body with medicinal plants that have no side effects, but even then it shouldn’t become a habit. If you constantly depend on medicinal plants, it still means that your body is out of balance. If your garden constantly needs to be treated, it means that there is a problem and you cannot pretend not to see it. Our brains and intestine also need biodiversity. Our thoughts, like the bacteria in our intestine, must be diversified so that each has its antagonist. So, my call here is to become self-sufficient, open your minds, make room for biodiversity and soon everything will be back in balance.

How to stay healthy

  • Spending time outdoors in non-built environments
  • Sunbathing
  • Walking and exercising but not in a competitive way. Consume vital food and water, but avoid eating the same things over and over.
  • Living and working in a healthy environment and not intoxicating ourselves with negative thoughts, often induced by television or other mass disinformation media.
  • Always avoid hanging out with the same people, having the same habits, doing the same job in the same way.


Written by Francesco Rosso