During our trip to Bali, we found ourselves with a colourful leaflet in our hands describing this place with organic food, yoga and meditation classes, rice fields and jungle…exactly what we were looking for, even though the name suggested even more.
As soon as we got there, they greeted us at a certain distance from the main building and they explained us how everything works during your staying at Silent Retreat. There is only one rule: KEEP SILENT!

So we spent 3 beautiful days in silent, reading books, practicing yoga, taking long walks and enjoying delicious local food. We appreciated a lot having the chance to attend 2 yoga classes each day, meditating in the evening and having fresh herbs at our disposal all time for making different infusions, as well as sugar-free cookies made of natural ingredients. Books on different topics and in different languages could be borrowed from a bookshelf and read in a wide space furnished with pillows, couches and a breathtaking view.

However, what struck us the most is the sense of peace that you feel when you really stay in contact with yourself for a little while, even among other people, and how it’s easy to understand each other with a look, even with unknown people.
Finally, it’s amazing the sound that can come from a rice field full of frogs!

“Silence is a beautiful sound”