If you like to discover organic and sustainable enterprises all over Italy, here is a list of places you can visit in the surroundings of the Farm.


Agritourism “INCISA” :

The Agritourism activity started after the renovation of rural stone buildings of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany that date back to the XVIII century. Nonetheless, the works preserved the original aspect, style and materials of the buildings.
Here it is possible to taste the typical local dishes. All pasta is handmade with the employ of stone ground organic flours and served with meat, mushrooms and/or truffle. The meats come from the animals bred and slaughtered in the agritourism, which is a certified organic farm.


Semplice.Mente is a shop that sells organic products in Bagno di Romagna. Here you can find local organic fruits and vegetable along with many other organic and sustainable products.

Agritourism “AL MONTE”  

Tourists are hosted in this certified organic farm where steers, cows, sheep, pigs and other yard animals are bred and fodder and cereals are cultivated.

Pizza restaurant “PRENDI AL VOLO”:

This pizza restaurant only employs organic and local ancient grains risen with mother yeast and it also has a wide choice of craft beers.

American Indian theme park “IL SALICE”
This theme park was built in honour of Mother Earth and the culture of Native Americans on the edge of the wonderful lake Lungo within the Còmero Park in San Piero in Bagno.



In this place you will experience a warm, comfortable familiar environment where the love for traditions is combined to innovation. The owners have a true passion for local dishes that here are prepared with meats and organic vegetables produced in the family farm.

Agritourism IL FALCO

This agritourism is part of an organic farm at the foot of Mount Fumaiolo (800 m.a.s.l.), in the small village of Trappola, near Alfero. The main building was once an ancient barn and it’s surrounded by woods of oaks, chestnut trees, beeches and grazing lands. The environment is quiet and familiar.



Remedia is an enterprise that was founded at the end of the 1980’s thanks to the encounter of Hubert Bösch and Lucilla Satanassi that together realised the dream of cultivating and processing medicinal herbs in harmony with the law of Nature. It is located on the Apennines in the municipality of Sarsina at 500 m.a.s.l. At the moment they cultivate around 100 different species (aromatic plants, medicinal herbs, trees and shrubs) on 20 hectares of fields and everything is processed by them.
Hubert and Lucilla are passionate about the beauty, well-being and harmony messages of the plant kingdom and they show with simplicity how a different lifestyle is possible.
Here are the fundamental points of their mission:
– An agronomy of respect that is carried on by practising organic and vibrational farming;
– Processing herbs for the beauty and well-being of people through methods that keep their original properties unchanged;
– Cultural communication and emotional sharing of what Nature has to offer us through publications, articles, events, courses, meetings, etc;
– Realisation of an ecological development model in harmony with Nature and people.


Organic agritourism “IL PODERONE”

This is an old farmhouse perfectly renovated in the centre of the National Park of the Casentino Forests.
They serve revisited traditional dishes made of organic vegetables and meats that come directly from their farm. Il Poderone is also an educational farm with guided visits to the vegetable gardens, orchards and woods and they directly sell their products to the public.

At 300 m.a.s.l. we can find this small farm of around 7 hectares mostly covered by woods that provide them with firewood and where they cultivate organic vegetable and breed chickens, rabbits, pigs and one kid. The 3 buildings that are part of the farm are the last human settlement at the edge of the wood which further become a forest.


Agritourism “LE CEREGNE”

The organic agritourism Le Ceregne owns 60 hectares of land where they cultivate precious varieties of olive trees, fruit trees (hazel, walnut, persimmon, cherry, apricot, peach, pear and endangered local apple trees) and some vine varieties such as Sangiovese and Canaiolo. They also breed yard animals such as hens, geese, ducks, turkeys and guinea-fowls.


Farm and village “IL BORGO DEI SEMPLICI”
Il Borgo dei Semplici is an organic farm and village where it is practised Synergistic Agriculture. It is located in a small village of stone houses in the centre of the historical-geografic region of Montefeltro and within the Natural Reserve of the Alpe della Luna, between the Natural Parks of Sasso Simone and of the Casentino Forests. The first project was started by two families that later received the support of other people (now engaged in the community activities) who have brought new resources and partnerships. They turned an abandoned group of houses into an ecovillage that is constantly growing. The village has been revived and organised as a cohousing community with 5 hectares of vegetable gardens and fields and 13 hectares of woods. Everything has been designed and developed by following the principles of Permaculture.

A group of enthusiastic friends who care about the quality of life and the environment have put themselves at the service of people with physical or psychological problems. They decided to purchase and renovate this village and turn it into a health retreat for physical and mental regeneration. They strongly believe in the importance of self-awareness and the ability of everyone to heal from any disease if provided with the right stimuli, so they offer a “secure environment” to for making this kind of evolution possible.


Agritourism “IL CASOTTO”
It is located at 450 m.a.s.l. on a Tuscan hill between the Casentino Valley and the National Park of the Casentino Forests. The olive tree grove, the orchard and the vegetable garden are the best successes of the organic farming that they practice by following the most traditional Tuscan methods.


Hotel and B&B “ASQUA”
It’s located in Camaldoli (Tuscany) and it’s a mountain hotel that hosts whoever wants to spend a holiday within the National Park of the Casentino Forests.
They also offer a service of Bed and Breakfast and serve dishes according to everyone’s need: vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.