Sepp Holzer has become famous as the “rebel farmer”. He is a pioneer of the concept of permaculture and he has demonstrated a total commitment in this method of farming. He has a 40-year experience in alternative farming by trying out a lot of different techniques and for this reason he is now the most famous expert of permaculture in Europe.
Sepp Holzer carries out successful permaculture projects all over the world, both in small and big farms and regardless of the climatic conditions, from the desert to Siberia. 

When he is contacted for designing a plot of land, he usually asks the following questions and here are the answers of Francesco Rosso, founder of La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza.

What is the objective you want to reach with La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza? What do you expect from this project?
The main objective of La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza is to become a self-sufficient centre both in terms of energy and food production, as well as concretely apply at a social, personal, mental and spiritual level the message of self-awareness, ecology and wellness that Gruppo Macro has been communicating for almost 30 years.
Gruppo Macro’s vision is to live in a world of self-aware and healthy people.

Our ojectives in details:

  1. Food Self-Sufficiency – Self-production of most of the food necessary to run the agritourism and reducing the use of fossil fuels to a minimum. We don’t want to employ chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any other product that cannot be produced naturally on the Farm.
  2. Energy self-sufficiency and green building – Our goal is to go completely off-grid by using solar, water, wind and biomass energy.
    We’ve built in a smart and ecological way, in order to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, decrease our environmental impact and host people in healthy and comfortable buildings.
  3. Ecological and Holistic education – We want to offer a suitable place for giving high visibility to major national and international experts who teach how to build sustainable human settlements – from a small house to an entire city – through permaculture, transition towns, happy degrowth, organic agriculture, synergistic agriculture, green building, energy self-sufficiency, holistic techniques and organic food.
  4. Ecotourism and health – We would like people to experience sleeping in a healthy and natural place, breathing fresh air, drinking spring water, eating organic food, walking through the enchanting woods of National Park of the Casentino Forests, resting in a hammock beneath a big tree, having a massage at the Bagno di Romagna spa, harmonizing body, mind and spirit through holistic techniques.

Which specific field of agriculture are you interested in?
The area of the Farm (almost 70 hectares) includes woods, grazing lands and sowable lands. We already have a vegetable garden, an orchard and we already breed animals and practice forestry.
We are interested into producing cereals, beans, vegetables, fruits, aromatic plants, breeding animals, plant nursery, forestry, aquaculture, beekeeping, etc.
The goal of self-sufficiency does not let us follow only one specific field, but we act in different ways focusing on what is more adapt for the territory.

Will the Farm be open to the public?
Yes, it will be open to the public as a visitable garden, as well as agritourism and educational farm.
Moreover, we will arrange indoor and outdoor areas for the practice of holistic therapies as well as relaxation areas, conference rooms, yoga and massage spaces, outdoor sitting areas pathways, etc.

At the following link you may find pictures of our visit to Krametherof, Sepp Holzer’s farm.