Lake Pontini (748 m asl) and Lake Lungo (616 m asl) were formed following a huge landslide which broke off on February 15th 1855 from San Cataldo, on the north-west side of Mount Còmero. Its slow fall, destroyed about fifty houses, then reached the Savio river, where it temporarily obstructied the course.

Around the lakes there is an ancient chestnut grove which includes many centuries-old plants. Both are ideal places for recreation and relaxation and every season nature offers a taste of its magic and ancient wisdom to those who pass here. Today the largest lake (2.5 hectares) is Lake Pontini – surrounded by centuries-old chestnut trees and a luxuriant nature.


There are dining options with local gastronomic specialties, picnic areas, trails for small excursions on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback. Trout, carps, tenches and pikes allow to experience the most different fishing techniques in every season; there are organized fishing competitions and schools. Surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape you can taste traditional dishes, with flavors and aromas that come from the ancient art of the local cuisine.

How to get there

From La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza, go down in the direction of S. Piero in Bagno and then take the bridge that crosses the River Savio and follow the SP 43 towards Alfero: at the signs located at km 3,500, turn right to reach Lake Lungo and then Lake Pontini.