Snow is incredible. It changes everything. It hides trails, it changes slopes, it makes any familiar place look different and it does all of this with extreme beauty. If you want to go hiking in the snow, it is strongly recommended to have a good sense of direction and carry with you a map and a compass because everything looks different when it is covered with show! 


Usually the distance covered in the snow is shorter than in regular hikes, but you can believe me when I say that the charm is almost doubled.
Surely it is harder, you have to wear proper clothes and at least get yourself a pair of waterproof boots. Then there is a pair of footwear called “snowshoes” which help you not to sink completely when the snow is high and dusty. My grandfather would make them with blackthorn branches, but nowadays you can find them of all kinds such as super light, with a super fast binding system and even with climbing bars to save energy on long ascents, etc. Snowshoes can be rented along with snowshoeing poles which are essential parts of the equipment.

If you are so lucky to stay at the Farm when snow has fallen, you cannot miss the chance to go snowshoeing.

We will be happy to suggest you a very easy hike as well as help you to organize more!