The Swasti “Eco Cottages & Restaurant” is a sustainable eco-lodge located in Ubud, in the island of Bali.
The owners are French and their interest in ecology ranges in different fields:
– Employ of local materials: all furniture and manufactured items in the buildings are made of local materials, especially bamboo employed for the construction of bungalows, beds, wardrobes, desks, shelves, napkin holders, spice holders, straws, etc.
– Organic vegetable garden: it’s a big and productive vegetable garden located at the edge of the hotel park. Here are produced all kind of vegetables and many tropical fruits.
Breeding: they practice free range and organic breeding of chickens, hens and goats.

Chemical free: They don’t use chemical products for the laundry and the daily cleaning of the rooms. Instead they employ soap nuts with essential oils. These nuts grow on a tree that can be found all over Indonesia. Even the swimming pool is not treated with chemicals but only with natural salts.
– Ricycling: all solid waste (plastic, paper, glass, etc.) is managed by a local partner called ECO BALI (you will find their waste basket in each room). The owners try to discourage the use of plastic (a growing problem in Bali) by using only glass bottles and jars for their fabulous fruit juices, soups, tea and other beverages.
– Mental and physical wellness: every day it’s possible to experience yoga and meditation courses.