Disobeying and choosing to be healthy, despite the health dictatorship

It was a day in mid-November, one of those days with fog, the cold starting to make itself felt and the scents of the mountains in autumn becoming more intense. That morning, the police were waiting for me at the entrance of the Montepetra primary school.

I could not enter the classroom because I was not vaccinated and, for that reason, dangerous to my classmates, despite being healthy. I was seven years old. Almost thirty years have passed since then: I have never been vaccinated, I have never been ill, I have never taken medication, I have never had blood tests and, honestly, I never thought I would find myself in that situation. Being discriminated against because I was healthy and not vaccinated.

Decades of choosing against the tide

Health has always been at the centre of my family’s choices. For generations, we have been experimenting with an alternative to the lifestyle proposed and sometimes imposed by the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies and most doctors. We have chosen to give birth naturally at home, to feed ourselves with food grown without poisons and chemical fertilisers, to live in natural settings, not to have television in the home, not to treat ourselves with invasive methods and pharmaceutical chemistry, and to practise yoga and meditation with respect for our body and spirit.

Almost always the path taken has led us to do exactly the opposite of what the television, the priest, the politician, the doctor suggest. Decades of alternative choices have confronted us with an evidence: we fall ill very rarely and the few times we do, we recover much faster than those who choose to follow the chemical-industrial lifestyle.

It is evident, and rather easy to document, that a large part of healthcare (pharmaceutical companies, health companies, doctors) does not work for the well-being of people, but rather for its own economic interests, which are indirectly proportional to health.

My alternative: balance and prevention

When the global health dictatorship led by the WHO (an institution 65% funded by pharmaceutical companies or foundations linked to them) began in 2020, I had no choice but to disobey in order to be consistent with the principles that underpin my health and that of my family.

I chose, aware of the legal risks and direct and indirect repercussions, to continue pursuing the path of health and balance as the only form of prevention. Having a close-knit family, friends with a similar outlook to mine, and chosen collaborators, I found myself living through one of the most interesting experiments that probably took place during the health dictatorship.

I did not wear masks, I met thousands of people without protection in different contexts, I never used hand sanitiser gel, I participated in numerous gatherings – even in the most critical moments of the lockdown and even in the red zone – I visited without precautions people who tested positive to the swab and also sick, I went to disobedient restaurants for dinner, I participated in protest walks beyond curfew hours. My disobedience was sometimes public, obviously receiving a lot of criticism, and other times private.

After almost two years of ‘pandemic’ and disobedience to regulations and rules that violate the constitution and fundamental human rights, I have never fallen ill but, more importantly, none of the people close to me have contracted the virus as a result of my contact.

Health routines: breathing, relationships, nature

Journalists often provoked me by calling me selfish, as my choices went against protecting the weakest, who unfortunately do not have an immune system capable of dealing with viruses.

With facts I proved the opposite, the obvious, what has always been known: in order not to contract and transmit the disease there is only one thing that makes sense, to be healthy.

Isolating healthy people not only produces more side effects than the problem, but in two years it has already proven not to work. Breathing is a foundation of health. Breathing consciously, breathing in the air of the woods and the sea, having free nostrils: these are the actions that can absolutely improve our lives, keeping our cells well oxygenated.

Having rewarding relationships, experiencing community, brotherhood and sisterhood, feeling part of a group, playing, laughing, joking allow us to experience positive emotions, give us a purpose in life and a sense of well-being.

When we are deprived of all this, our immune system tends to weaken, loosening our guard levels and predisposing us to illness. We should spend as little time as possible at home and in front of a monitor, as our body is a perfect machine designed to move, to sunbathe, to be in contact with the earth, with water, with the wind.

We need food that nourishes our body, our cells and also our soul. Healthy food grows close to us, does not undergo industrial processes, is not polluted by pesticides.

The real selfishness is to think that we can intervene to improve the reaction of a perfect, largely unknown biological machine that has carried our species forward for thousands of years, even under conditions far more risky and difficult than those in which we live today. We do not need new vaccines, new drugs, new scientific discoveries. If we want to be healthy, we just need to go back to living as human beings, in the most natural and simple way possible.

Written by Francesco Rosso.

This article appeared in the magazine Vivi Consapevole 66 (September/November 2021).